Dr Richard Weller

Dr Richard Weller

Senior Lecturer, Dermatology

Type of staff member: Associated Principal Investigator
Research Theme: Immune Modulation and Regulation of Inflammation
Qualifications: MD. FRCP
Group members:

Ayub Qureshi (PhD student co-supervised with Donald Davidson). 
Dr Cunjing Yu (PhD Student co-supervised with Howie/Schwarze from Sept 2012). 
Dr Claire Leitch (Masters Student, co-supervised with Howie/Leitch from March 2012.

Research Overview:

We have shown that filaggrin polymorphisms in patients with eczema and also non eczema patients correlate with functional defects in the skin barrier.  Atopic  eczema and filaggrin independently and additively lead to these effects.  Independently of the presence of eczema, filaggrin mutations lead to maturation of the antigen presenting cells of the skin.  We are examining what factors in skin  barrier defect lead to this activation of these sentinels of the immune system.

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