The CIR shares a number of core, expert-led research facilities with other centres in the QMRI. This allows economy of scale and ensures that members of the CIR and the other Centres benefit from key collaborations and transfer of core skills.

Animal Imaging: 7T MRI, optical imaging, high resolution Ultrasound and Optical Projection Tomography

Animal Integrative Physiology: dedicated facilities within QMRI including zebrafish, fruit flies and metabolic studies & radiotelemetry in rodents.

Bioinformatics: personnel and database/software access for data analysis and training.

Biomolecular Core Facility: can design your viral vector construct or can use your preferred construct, with your gene of interest, to produce high quality viral vectors.

Confocal Microscopy:  established in 2006 the CALM facility provides infrastructure and services for biological imaging.

Drug Discovery & Development: an experienced in-house team with a track record in small molecule discovery.

Flow Cytometry Facility: an experienced in-house team offering cutting edge flow cytometric analysis and cell sorting equipment, training and advice.

Histology: high quality tissue processing, paraffin sectioning, cryostat sectioning and special empirical staining techniques.

Immunoassay: an extensive range of validated assays is supported

Immunodetection and imaging: Delivering high quality immunohistochemical and immunofluorescent staining on cells and tissue sections, specialising in multi immunoflourescent colocalisation staining technologies.

Mass Spectrometry: GCMS and LCMS in support of stable isotope tracer and small molecule/drug analyses.

Transgenesis: the core facility for microinjection and transgenic services offers services to enable researchers to establish biomedical research models of disease.

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